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Patient and Companion Guide

Our patients at Abat International are our guests. We work for the comfort of you and your companions. Your comfort and happiness during your stay as our guest is very important to us.

What should you bring with you for admission?

On the day you come to our center for hospitalization, our private client will accompany you.

  • Birth certificate,
  • Health insurance card and/or institution referral paper,
  • Medical records, radiology images and test results


  • Nightgown/Pyjamas
    Underwear, socks
    Shaving material
    Glasses, hearing aids, walking sticks etc. You can bring your belongings.

Registration Acceptance Procedures

On the day you come to our center for hospitalization, our hospitalization unit will check your ID and your appointment. A wristband with your name and surname will be attached to you during the admission process. Our nurse friends will provide control with this identity in all follow-up and treatment processes. You should not remove the wristband until discharge.

Your Medicines

You should bring your medicines with you and inform the nurses about this.

If you have a known allergic reaction (food and/or medicine), please inform your doctor and nurses.

Information and Consent

Informed consent forms were prepared for risky interventional procedures to be applied to outpatient and clinic patients in our hospital. In consent forms; Who will perform the procedure, the expected benefits of the procedure, the consequences that may be encountered if the procedure cannot be performed, the alternatives of the procedure, if any, the risks and complications of the procedure. In addition, the name, title and signature of the physician who will perform the procedure, as well as the date and time of giving information about the procedure are recorded.

The patient’s name, surname and signature, the date and time of his consent are included. In consents, patients / their guardians / legal representatives are asked to write and sign the statement “I have read, understood, accept” in their own handwriting.

The patient has the right to refuse any application for which he has given his consent, at any stage before starting the procedure. For this reason, an area is reserved for the denial of consent of the patient in the consents. Again, if patients refuse the procedure, the patient / guardian / legal representative is asked to write and sign the statement “I have read, understood, I do not accept” in his own handwriting.

Floor Cleaning Services

Our housekeeping services will ensure that your room and its surroundings are cleaned every day on a regular basis.

Technical Service Need

Our technical service is at your service 24/7 for any malfunctions that may arise regarding all kinds of equipment (TV, armchair, wardrobe, bed, etc.) in your room. It is sufficient to apply to your nurse for your technical service needs.


Social Responsibility